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The American Morkshire Terrier Club, Inc. (AMTC) created this site for our breeders. A place where you can can register your litters, update your personal membership information and where you will find important club updates pertaining to Breeders Only.

all things Morkie, Yorkie, Biewer & Maltese!!

This page we try to keep ALL things - Morkie, Yorkie, Biewer and Maltese related when it comes to adding new things!

as a breeder

BREEDER's agree to abide the American Morkshire Terrier Club Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and have an obligation to protect,  the interest of the breed by conducting themselves with integrity in all manner of business relating to the American Morkshire Terrier Club, Inc., and themselves. No member shall engage in false or misleading advertising or misrepresentation of the breed(s), nor shall they make false or misleading statements regarding any person, breeding practices, kennels or their dog(s).

Breeder's Site

Breeder's - Do become familiar with your site and how to register your litter's, update your personal information and know when the American Morkshire Terrier Club has an important update for you.

Your kennel information is only on the AMTC Breeder's Referral List Page of the AMTC website - and that is where potential buyers will find out about your Kennel, so it is important you keep your information up-to-date!  ~ Thank you in advance ~


Complete Guide

A must have for the new Morkshire Terrier, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer Terrier family! Click on the picture to see how to purchase these books! These books can be found on Amazon if link does not work.